Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial In - A - Box

A 30 minute step - by - step pampering treatment to enhance your skin for a radiant glow. 

I was lucky enough to receive this as a pressie from one of my beautiful friendlings a while back, and as it's Sunday and I'm feeling a little delicate from last night I decided to treat myself to a pamper. 

This is basically a step by step guide to complete a sanctuary brightening facial. It includes: Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser. Radiance Exfoliator. Treat With Moisture Boosting Mask. Brightening Eyegel. Illuminating Moisture Lotion. 

So I poddled on into my bathroom and following the guide lines on the box started with Hot Cloth Cleanser. It's similar to other hot cloth cleansers that I've tried, massaged easily into the skin and smelt fresh and 'spa' like, that eucalyptus scent :) 

The Radiance Exfoliator - Is scrub form and is more ibrasive than normal exfolaitors I choose. But left my skin feeling super soft and squeaky clean! 

But oh my goodness the Moisture Boosting Mask - I opened up the little sachet and was impressed with the amount of product for a start. Next the texture I scooped it out and applied it to my skin and definitely made the 'ooooo' of loveliness sound. It just feels so luxurious on the skin, it's super thick in consistancy and really smooth and cooling but immediately feels nourishing. This has definitely been the stand out product in the set that I know I'll be purchasing the full size of!!! :) my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated once removing with the muslin cloth provided. 

I followed with the Brightening Eye Gel - which was cool and refreshing. I can imagine on puffy or tired eyes it feeling calming and soothing. 

Then finished my routine with a separate night cream as I'll be going to sleeps shortly and wouldn't want the SPF. I definitely would recommend this to any of you wanting to treat someone as I think it makes the perfect gift. Or if you are planning a pamper night for yourself sometime and fancy trying some new products :) x x 

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