Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines for you ...

As Valentines Day looms towards us I've seen many a post about gift guides for that special someone. 

But if like me you will be spending your valentines day with beautiful friends this year then here's a little list of what my plans are. Please share with what you are doing this year :) xx 

I'm going to London on Tuesday for shopping and to see the Beautiful Taylor Swift at the O2 I can not wait! But whilst there I plan to treat myself to some goodies!!! :) 

On February 14th at 12:30pm I'll be attending Clarins Traquil Spa for a bit of relaxation time. As I feel my skin has earned a facial over the past few weeks. My appointment is with the lovely Melissa who has promised my skin to feel revitalised and refreshed. I shall catch you all up after my treatment. 

After this I shall return home to an evening with lovely friends with Chinese food and the plan to watch American Beauty. Then on Saturday night a night on the town with hopefully a new outfit and new shoes :D But plenty of cocktails and dancing!! 

How are you planning on spending this valentines weekend?? xxx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

January Favourites

We have finished the first month of 2014 and I don't think I have ever experienced a month so crazy. I must admit i am highly anticipating Springs arrival! But I will sit tight until then. 

Things I have been loving through January. 

MAC's Morange lipstick.
I have pretty much worn this for all evenings and specific days since purchasing it at the beginning of the month. It's a beautiful red/orange colour, ├╝ber bright that completes any make up look. 

Rituals Honey Touch Indian Rose & Himilaya Honey - Body Cream.
I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift as a birthday present at the start of the month and I have been obsessed with it since, it smells so god damn scrummy!! Hydrates brilliantly and sinks into the skin super quick. 

Clarins Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleanser. 
This cleanser has been a new addition to my January loves but it's been a firm favourite since the first time I used it. The consistency is rich and creamy, removes make up beautifully and leaves the skin fresh and smooth. 

Benefit's Laugh with me Lee Lee fragrance. You know how they say fragrance is the strongest trigger. Well I've really needed something lately to trigger happy thoughts instead of somber  ones. This perfume brings back the most amazing memories of just starting working in the beauty industry, meeting great friends and generally feeling super HAPPY!! X This scent takes me to a totally different place and that is the magic of frangrance it can really do that. It's the most unique scent sharp but feminine and fruity :) 

So that's pretty much it, not loads of favourites but those are the things I've truly been loving! What have you loved this January?? xxx