Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines for you ...

As Valentines Day looms towards us I've seen many a post about gift guides for that special someone. 

But if like me you will be spending your valentines day with beautiful friends this year then here's a little list of what my plans are. Please share with what you are doing this year :) xx 

I'm going to London on Tuesday for shopping and to see the Beautiful Taylor Swift at the O2 I can not wait! But whilst there I plan to treat myself to some goodies!!! :) 

On February 14th at 12:30pm I'll be attending Clarins Traquil Spa for a bit of relaxation time. As I feel my skin has earned a facial over the past few weeks. My appointment is with the lovely Melissa who has promised my skin to feel revitalised and refreshed. I shall catch you all up after my treatment. 

After this I shall return home to an evening with lovely friends with Chinese food and the plan to watch American Beauty. Then on Saturday night a night on the town with hopefully a new outfit and new shoes :D But plenty of cocktails and dancing!! 

How are you planning on spending this valentines weekend?? xxx

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