Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Facial Glow You Can Get At Home

Hello you lovely bunch. 

Firstly apologies for my long absense away from the little old bloggy. The only excuse is life and life doing what it does best and distracting me. 

But I wanted to come back to you with a review of a product that I'm blooming passionate about. It's an Elizabeth Arden product. Now this is a rarity that I'll discuss anything work related with you beauties because I want you to trust that my opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

However this is just too good to not share with you all! It is the Ceremide 5 Minute Facial. 

Now this product is a little on the strange side I must admit. It comes in two parts the foaming facial and the replenishing serum. You apply the mask to uncleansed skin, watch it foam up and then let it dissolve along with your make up. Now the sensation of this product is what makes it different. It almost feels like  intense pins and needles, with a slight warming sensation. If not prepared beforehand this could very well appear like a reaction, but I assure you it's normal. 

Discussing with many ladies the sensation whilst using the mask is different for all. Ranging from the slightest tingle too an intense, almost popping candy like feeling. 

Myself included on first time using the mask it felt very intense. Once removing the mask with cool water, applying the serum gives a cooling affect to the skin which is highly soothing. Leaving the skin super soft. 

Now it's not until the day after using this that you see the results, but boy will you see them. My skin just looked amazing! Now I'm not just saying it, I can promise you lovely bunch that apart from getting 20% off I purchased the mask out of my own pocket!! And once finished will definitely be repurchasing it!!! The radiance it gives the skin had me sold strait away!! It looks brighter, smoother and my pores are visibly reduced!! With use the sensation from the mask has become less and less intense and is much more comfortable on the skin. It truly gives and at home spa like glow. And as a busy bee I do find it extremely difficult to get out for a pamper and a facial on a regular basis. But a pamper evening I can do in my bathroom I'm all for. 

Now as a pricy item of £70 I would urge any of you wanting to try this to pop along to your local Arden counter and receive an express facial and see what I'm talking about. If any of you are in Bullring please pop in and say hello :) I'd be happy to show you!! I'm truly in love with the product and really believe you guys will be too!!! 

This photo is take the day after using the mask and I am wearing make up but you can see the skin looks bright and clear :) 

Have any of you tried the mask yet?? Or anything else like it?? xxx 

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