Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Lush Holy Grail

My Lush Holy Grail

I have mentioned many times on my little bloggy that I am a complete Lushy! 

There is nothing I love more than wandering around Lush browsing the different colourful products, try and testing new and loved items. And especially recommending them to my beautiful friendlings. 

I wanted to share with you my favourite products, if you are a newbie to lush or just want to try something new I reckon there's something for all in this bunch!! 

The Comforter - Big pink and white swirlness of loveliness. It's smells like blackcurrent and when you crumble off a small part and pop under running water it produces the most beautiful bubbles and turns the water a lovely pink colour. 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - This is hard to say, but this may be my all time favourite product. I have spoke about this numerous times on the bloggy .. The scent .. sweet roses ohmygoodness it's amazing. It leaves the sking super soft and the scent stays on the skin for hours. 

Cedric's Caldren Bath Melt - This one I save for those moments. Those days when I just can't shake that feeling .. Of anxiety/panicness/sadness/illness or general feeling poopness. This one is saved for those occasions. It's gentle and soothing. Leaves the water silky and milky and the pouch that's filled with oats you can use to exfoliate the skin after. 

Dreamtime Bath Melt - Bath melts are a thing of beauty. They dissolve in the water and create an oilyness which makes the skin so so soft. The fact it contains lavender makes this product perfect for before bed and I think it's the perfect pamper product. 

Twilight - I like to save Twilight for night times, not only because it's filled with lavender and ovaltine but it's covered in tiny moons and stars. If you're having problems switching off, try popping one of these into your bath an hour or so before bed. I think it does wonders. 

Butterball - so simple yet so fabulous. No Butterball isn't many fancy shades of colour. And it doesn't give off the scent of sweets. It's white and speckled, full of cocoa butter. I buy these baby's in bulk as I know it'll be the first thing I reach for when getting my products home. Soothing and hydrating what more could you ask for. 

RoseJam Bubbleroon - If you like rose this is for you. Imagine between a melt and a bubble bar. It leaves you skin really soft and smells just beautiful, extremely fresh! And conveniantly breaks in two. 

Lip Scrubs - I like the lip scrubs for days when my lips are super dry. I rub a tiny bit of the sugar scrub on my lips then remove with a warm flannel pop on a lip balm and ready to go. 

So that's it lovelys. I hope you've enjoyed today's post :) and maybe found some new bits to try. If you have any recommendations for me please let me know bellow xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Our Blogging Event

This is a bit of an unusual post for the old bloggy today, but last Thursday at work I got to be part of a bloggers event evening :) It is no secret on my blog that I work in the wild world of beauty and get to experience some amazing things, but it's a rarity that I post about it on here. I've taken part in bloggers events before when previously working for Benefit, yet this was a new experience from an Elizabeth Arden perspective! And I wanted to tell you all because I blooming LOVED it!!!! 

Here are the lovely bloggers who attended ... 

We kept the evening very simple with skin scan consultations and foundation checks. Our on counter tools read the levels in your skin and I have found this the most accurate way of helping ladies find their best fit of SkinCare. Discovering why their skin is behaving the way it is. 

Next a foundation check to find the perfect colour for you. Basically this is a life saver it blocks out all the ghastly lighting in store so we can find your truest  match. I'll pop a link below about the lovely lady blogging over at and you can have a mooch about her thoughts on the technology :) 

Lastly I got to offer our 7 minute massages to all our lovely guests, boy were my hands soft after with all the Gold Capsules (I know if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have seen these pop up many times they're a firm favourite) :D 

I love this treatment as it's a fantastic way for customers to relax without disturbing the makeup. All the ladies complimented me after on the treatment for how fabulous it felt and how silky the capsules were. 

It's fantastic for working out any tension as you wouldn't believe how much we actually use our necks and how neglected they can feel. I must have bored the girls senseless of telling them how important it is to make sure you take your lotions and potions up your neck to and not just on the facey haha!!! :D 

So I just wanted to share the experience with you really. I know you all know all the thoughts and products I discuss are 100% my own and that I only talk about things on here that I'm truly passionate about and feel you must hear of but just to restate!! 

Hope you enjoyed the post lovelys xxx

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Power Of The Pamper Evening

The Power of the Pamper Evening

When you are having one of those days that you just can not shake. Trust me we all have them. A bad day, a bad week. Something's just make you feel a little blue, that stick around and drive you crazy. 

There. That would be my absolute necessary time for a pamper evening! 

First things first take off the days grime, take off the make up! I'm currently using the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil. A nice hot flannel and get all that day old make up off your face, best feeling ever. 

Pop a hair mask on, if I'm washing my hair I'll apply my hair mask to dry hair and let it do it's thing then ...

Draw a bath, a nice hot bath. I like to watch netflix on my iPad or YouTube videos an just zone out for a little while surrounded by the bubbles. I'll have normally chosen some lush goodies to make the bath super duper lovely. 

Once soaked and normally after a little snooze I'll rinse off. Pummis my tootsies, nothing better than soft feet. And pop on a body butter, one that smells delicious :) 

Face mask time, I'll pick a face mask depending on what my skin seems to be doing. Relax for ten to fifteen then complete my nighttime skin care routine! 

Pop on some clean pjs, light some candles and then pick the evenings viewing material. At the moment this is including The OC as I'm loving re watching my favourite episodes. 

Taking time out just for yourself and to make yourself feel better, I think is really important. Especially if you've been feeling slightly rotton. Everytime I have a bad day you can guarantee this is what I'll be doing at the end of it. 

What gets you out of a bad schlump?? Any go to tips?? :) xx 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Favourites

July Favourites

Time to talk to you lovely bunch about what I have been loving through out the month of July. 

Face Masks - this month I have definitely been loving having a bit of a pamper and applying a facemask when hopping out of the shower. The ones I have found myself reaching for most regularly are: 

Origins Clear Improvement - Active charcoal mask. I've been reaching for this throughout July when my skin has really been feeling a little urgh. You know just bumpy and blemished, after using this my skin feels calmer and clearer. 

I've also loved The Body Shop Honey and Oat mask. I've been using this most often as I find it balancing for my skin. It cleanses, polishes and moisturises in one. It smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves the skin super soft. It's exfoliating and hydrating, when I use this twice a week it leaves my skin glowing and much more manageable. 

Exfoliating - Through out the month of July I've been a little stricter with myself on my weekly beauty regime. Top of the list remembering to exfoliate. The one I've been using is Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed. This month I've been trying to finish up what's in my bathroom cupboards, I am the typical girl who uses up a quarter of a product and then starts something new. I completely forgot I had this scrub, you apply it to dry skin and then wet your fingertips and in circular movements massage the skin. Two things first the scrub starts to change colour and secondly it becomes pleasently warm. I have been making sure I do this at least once a week. 

Make up favourites: 

Nars Creamy Concealer - I spoke about this concealer in a previous post so I won't go in to too much detail. But amazing coverage, none drying fantastic colour the perfect product. 

MAC Dip Down Gel Eyeliner - I have completely fell back in love with this. It's so easy to apply, highly pigmented and really soft. It stays in place all day and being a rich brown is a little more natural than complete black. 

Moisturising - I am definitely one for moisturising, religiously after showering. This month I've loved Hawaiian tropics Lime Coolada body butter it smells like a dream and sinks into the skin strait away. 

The OC - blast from the past I know, but this has come back into my life and I have completely fallen back in love. I want my very own Seth Cohen :) 

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Lindahallberg ... 

if you guys don't already follow her she gives the best make up inspiration and ideas for tutorials from her Instagram. 

I tried out this look the other day for a soft summers day and loved it!! 

Do you guys have any recommendations of people you love, I'd love to see who you guys follow?? xx 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Spring/Summer SkinCare

Spring/Summer SkinCare

I am definitely one of those ladies that notices a difference in my skin depending on the time of year it is. Saying that I thought I'd tell you what products I've been using to battle the change in the weather. 

So firstly to tell you a little about my skin - the condition of my skin is dehydrated yet 'type' I'd say I'm combination. However being combination is the typical signs of having a more dehydrated skin type. So I still get enlarged pores and blackheads with the occasional break out, most commonly around my chin area. 

I follow the rules of cleanse, tone, treat, eye and moisturise. 

I'm going to try and condense this down as much as possible so it's not pages :) 


AM - Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Cleansing Wash. This product is mild enough to use on a daily basis whilst contains micro beads to gently exfoliate the skin. I find this super refreshing for morning time. 
PM - On an evening I'll repeat this step twice. Once to remove make up and a second to clean the skin. I've just finished up the Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil whilst I would repurchase this but I have so many oils in my cupboard left to try, I simply would pour a small amount into my hands, massage into skin keeping eyes until last. Then remove with a warm flannel. Then repeat! This is my favourite step! (The only down side of this product is the fact it's a pour system instead of a pump, it can become a little messy) I have now moved on to The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil :) so far it's lovely! 

AM/PM - I follow cleansing with a toner I'm currently using Lush's Tea Tree Water facial sprits which is an antibacterial toner. I simply spray this on a cotton pad a swipe this over the skin. 

AM - I always treat my skin with a serum, on a morning I'll use The Body Shops Nutriganics Smoothing Serum. This helps to keep my skin smooth, soft and moisturised through out the day. 
PM - on an evening I'll usually use Elizabeth Arden's Lift and Firm Ceremide Gold Capsules. One capsule with cover the face and neck. It helps to rebuild the natural ceremides in the skin, it strengthens, maintains water and helps increase the cellular turn over. 


AM/PM - Antipodes Kiwi eye cream. Ohmygoodness I love this eye cream so much. I get such dry eyes, so much so that they actually flake. Making applying eyeshadow impossible not a good look. This eye cream is super gentle and really soothing on the eyes. It is also super hydrating and has been super at banishing those pesky dry patches. 


AM - When its day time I definitely like a lotion when I'm going to be applying make up on top. Or a cream that at least feels refreshing on the skin and not tacky to touch. Elemis Pro collegen Marine Cream is super hydrating but light in texture. However it is SPF free so I have to add a separate on top ( that's for another post though) or the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 this is great day time lotion that balances the skin perfectly. 
PM - Again Marine Cream is what I've been reaching for on an evening under my gold capsules definitely feels like luxury when using these two together. 

And that folks is pretty much my skin care routine, I'll be doing another post in regards to masks, exfoliants and blemish control. If you have anything you'd like to request to see on the blog in regards to skin care let me know :) 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial In - A - Box

A 30 minute step - by - step pampering treatment to enhance your skin for a radiant glow. 

I was lucky enough to receive this as a pressie from one of my beautiful friendlings a while back, and as it's Sunday and I'm feeling a little delicate from last night I decided to treat myself to a pamper. 

This is basically a step by step guide to complete a sanctuary brightening facial. It includes: Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser. Radiance Exfoliator. Treat With Moisture Boosting Mask. Brightening Eyegel. Illuminating Moisture Lotion. 

So I poddled on into my bathroom and following the guide lines on the box started with Hot Cloth Cleanser. It's similar to other hot cloth cleansers that I've tried, massaged easily into the skin and smelt fresh and 'spa' like, that eucalyptus scent :) 

The Radiance Exfoliator - Is scrub form and is more ibrasive than normal exfolaitors I choose. But left my skin feeling super soft and squeaky clean! 

But oh my goodness the Moisture Boosting Mask - I opened up the little sachet and was impressed with the amount of product for a start. Next the texture I scooped it out and applied it to my skin and definitely made the 'ooooo' of loveliness sound. It just feels so luxurious on the skin, it's super thick in consistancy and really smooth and cooling but immediately feels nourishing. This has definitely been the stand out product in the set that I know I'll be purchasing the full size of!!! :) my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated once removing with the muslin cloth provided. 

I followed with the Brightening Eye Gel - which was cool and refreshing. I can imagine on puffy or tired eyes it feeling calming and soothing. 

Then finished my routine with a separate night cream as I'll be going to sleeps shortly and wouldn't want the SPF. I definitely would recommend this to any of you wanting to treat someone as I think it makes the perfect gift. Or if you are planning a pamper night for yourself sometime and fancy trying some new products :) x x