Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Our Blogging Event

This is a bit of an unusual post for the old bloggy today, but last Thursday at work I got to be part of a bloggers event evening :) It is no secret on my blog that I work in the wild world of beauty and get to experience some amazing things, but it's a rarity that I post about it on here. I've taken part in bloggers events before when previously working for Benefit, yet this was a new experience from an Elizabeth Arden perspective! And I wanted to tell you all because I blooming LOVED it!!!! 

Here are the lovely bloggers who attended ... 

We kept the evening very simple with skin scan consultations and foundation checks. Our on counter tools read the levels in your skin and I have found this the most accurate way of helping ladies find their best fit of SkinCare. Discovering why their skin is behaving the way it is. 

Next a foundation check to find the perfect colour for you. Basically this is a life saver it blocks out all the ghastly lighting in store so we can find your truest  match. I'll pop a link below about the lovely lady blogging over at FlyingFoxBlog.com and you can have a mooch about her thoughts on the technology :) 

Lastly I got to offer our 7 minute massages to all our lovely guests, boy were my hands soft after with all the Gold Capsules (I know if you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have seen these pop up many times they're a firm favourite) :D 

I love this treatment as it's a fantastic way for customers to relax without disturbing the makeup. All the ladies complimented me after on the treatment for how fabulous it felt and how silky the capsules were. 

It's fantastic for working out any tension as you wouldn't believe how much we actually use our necks and how neglected they can feel. I must have bored the girls senseless of telling them how important it is to make sure you take your lotions and potions up your neck to and not just on the facey haha!!! :D 

So I just wanted to share the experience with you really. I know you all know all the thoughts and products I discuss are 100% my own and that I only talk about things on here that I'm truly passionate about and feel you must hear of but just to restate!! 

Hope you enjoyed the post lovelys xxx


  1. It was such a lovely event, and you are an absolute miracle worker, that massage was amazing.

    Lovely blog post.


    1. Thank you Emma so happy you enjoyed it!! :) xx