Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Lush Holy Grail

My Lush Holy Grail

I have mentioned many times on my little bloggy that I am a complete Lushy! 

There is nothing I love more than wandering around Lush browsing the different colourful products, try and testing new and loved items. And especially recommending them to my beautiful friendlings. 

I wanted to share with you my favourite products, if you are a newbie to lush or just want to try something new I reckon there's something for all in this bunch!! 

The Comforter - Big pink and white swirlness of loveliness. It's smells like blackcurrent and when you crumble off a small part and pop under running water it produces the most beautiful bubbles and turns the water a lovely pink colour. 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - This is hard to say, but this may be my all time favourite product. I have spoke about this numerous times on the bloggy .. The scent .. sweet roses ohmygoodness it's amazing. It leaves the sking super soft and the scent stays on the skin for hours. 

Cedric's Caldren Bath Melt - This one I save for those moments. Those days when I just can't shake that feeling .. Of anxiety/panicness/sadness/illness or general feeling poopness. This one is saved for those occasions. It's gentle and soothing. Leaves the water silky and milky and the pouch that's filled with oats you can use to exfoliate the skin after. 

Dreamtime Bath Melt - Bath melts are a thing of beauty. They dissolve in the water and create an oilyness which makes the skin so so soft. The fact it contains lavender makes this product perfect for before bed and I think it's the perfect pamper product. 

Twilight - I like to save Twilight for night times, not only because it's filled with lavender and ovaltine but it's covered in tiny moons and stars. If you're having problems switching off, try popping one of these into your bath an hour or so before bed. I think it does wonders. 

Butterball - so simple yet so fabulous. No Butterball isn't many fancy shades of colour. And it doesn't give off the scent of sweets. It's white and speckled, full of cocoa butter. I buy these baby's in bulk as I know it'll be the first thing I reach for when getting my products home. Soothing and hydrating what more could you ask for. 

RoseJam Bubbleroon - If you like rose this is for you. Imagine between a melt and a bubble bar. It leaves you skin really soft and smells just beautiful, extremely fresh! And conveniantly breaks in two. 

Lip Scrubs - I like the lip scrubs for days when my lips are super dry. I rub a tiny bit of the sugar scrub on my lips then remove with a warm flannel pop on a lip balm and ready to go. 

So that's it lovelys. I hope you've enjoyed today's post :) and maybe found some new bits to try. If you have any recommendations for me please let me know bellow xx

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