Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Favourites

July Favourites

Time to talk to you lovely bunch about what I have been loving through out the month of July. 

Face Masks - this month I have definitely been loving having a bit of a pamper and applying a facemask when hopping out of the shower. The ones I have found myself reaching for most regularly are: 

Origins Clear Improvement - Active charcoal mask. I've been reaching for this throughout July when my skin has really been feeling a little urgh. You know just bumpy and blemished, after using this my skin feels calmer and clearer. 

I've also loved The Body Shop Honey and Oat mask. I've been using this most often as I find it balancing for my skin. It cleanses, polishes and moisturises in one. It smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves the skin super soft. It's exfoliating and hydrating, when I use this twice a week it leaves my skin glowing and much more manageable. 

Exfoliating - Through out the month of July I've been a little stricter with myself on my weekly beauty regime. Top of the list remembering to exfoliate. The one I've been using is Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed. This month I've been trying to finish up what's in my bathroom cupboards, I am the typical girl who uses up a quarter of a product and then starts something new. I completely forgot I had this scrub, you apply it to dry skin and then wet your fingertips and in circular movements massage the skin. Two things first the scrub starts to change colour and secondly it becomes pleasently warm. I have been making sure I do this at least once a week. 

Make up favourites: 

Nars Creamy Concealer - I spoke about this concealer in a previous post so I won't go in to too much detail. But amazing coverage, none drying fantastic colour the perfect product. 

MAC Dip Down Gel Eyeliner - I have completely fell back in love with this. It's so easy to apply, highly pigmented and really soft. It stays in place all day and being a rich brown is a little more natural than complete black. 

Moisturising - I am definitely one for moisturising, religiously after showering. This month I've loved Hawaiian tropics Lime Coolada body butter it smells like a dream and sinks into the skin strait away. 

The OC - blast from the past I know, but this has come back into my life and I have completely fallen back in love. I want my very own Seth Cohen :) 


  1. Absolutely love the Nars Creamy Concealer! It's all I ever use :) Glad to see it's a favorite of yours as well. I'm also a huge fan of the OC and have always had a crush on Seth Cohen! Hehe we have a lot in common Stephanie!

    1. It's amazing isn't it!! Best concealer I've tried by far!! :D haha looks like we do xx