Friday, 30 November 2012

The Festive Spirit

There is one thing for certain I ask Santa to bring me each year and that's perfume!
I love fragrance for the fact that it has the ability to remind us of certain memories or loved ones. I wore Roberto Cavalli the other day and all I could think about was my previous holiday to Greece as soon as I smelt it. This got me thinking, I always struggle to feel festive so why not get a perfume to solely remind me of the festive season.
As I always have perfume for Christmas I need one to make me feel like it is Christmas, and maybe this way each year it'll work it's magic and get me feeling festive again.
My chosen fragrance has been Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Aura.
Now I'm quite surprised as I find the scent of the original Red Door so over powering and well, a little bit old ladyish if I'm honest. But Red Door Aura is really lovely! It's so fresh smelling and floral but with a spicy edge so it smells really festive :)
I got this little set for £25 and I'm so impressed! The body lotion is highly fragranced and could definitely be worn alone :) so this is going to be my signature scent through out the month of December and I can't wait to wear it!

What are your favourite festive fragrances?

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