Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

Although it's November I'm already starting to feel festive :)
Autumn and Winter truly are my favourite seasons, I get Christmas and my Birthday in all there lovelyness!

However, I hate being cold!!!! So much so that it started my love for hot drinks! I'd never been a big fan trough my teens my sister has always love drinking tea but I never saw the fascination. Until about two years ago now I am obsessed and can't go a day without tea, coffee or hot chocolate! Even in the summer time!
Today's been a very gloomy day outside and I've appreciated not being at work and just having some time to do my favourite things, book and bath! Haha :) but when feeling uber cold I reached for my options hot chocolate that I'd picked up the other day, now I had a bit of a shock when I realised it wasn't 'cracking hazelnut' (an all time fave) but 'outrageous orange', I'd picked up the wrong one by mistake. But I'm so pleased because I absolutely love it! If like me you find hot chocolate can some times be a tad on the sickly side then you'll love this, as long as you like orange. It's sweet and creamy with a lovely tang from the orange flavour! I'm officially addicted!

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