Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Winged Eyeliner - MAC's fluid line

Personally I think winged eyeliner is one of the most difficult things to apply when doing make up, let alone on other people. 

I have tried so so many different eyeliners from pencils to felt tips, liquid liners to gels. And for a while I believed the easiest eye liner to apply on myself and others was the Dior Art Pen. It's a thin tipped felt tip pen liner that applies beautifully. 

However recently trying MAC's fluid gel liner I have completely been converted!! But with this I truly believe part of it is having the right tools! I could only apply this with ease using the MAC 210 brush. 

The gel is so soft that it applies beautifully  and is so pigmented. I like to apply it starting from the inner corner, applying the liner closely to my lash line following it round to the end of my eyelashes. 

After doing this I apply the wing by drawing from the top down and joining the two lines together. Then fill in to create a more fuller look. 

It really is starting to become my favourite    make up look to ware :) have you tried the fluid line?? What's your favourite eyeliner?? xxx

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