Friday, 10 January 2014

The Brows

Hello you lovely lot! :) 

Today I'm coming at you with a different kind of post to what I normally do. I never  talk about work or my experiences within the beauty world. But I've wanted to share my thoughts on the eyebrow for a while so I'll jump right in. 

Whilst working for Benefit the brows become such a large focus that it literally makes you look at every persons, whether they be perfect, caterpillars or the tiniest pencil lines. 

I wanted to share with you all my eyebrow history (haha doesn't it sound funny!) whilst at university many moons ago now, I decided to get my eyebrows threaded for the first time. Prier to this I'd only ever tweezed them myself. My initial reaction was I liked the shape but oh my god it was so painful. I continued this very painful beauty regime for near enough twelve months. Then one evening I stumbled across the Benefit brow bar and that is literally where everything changed. Not only did it open up a whole career path for me but it changed my whole opinion about threading, my eyebrows and how paying a trained consultant made such a dramatic difference. 

I had a wax and tint and was amazed my brows looked so much fuller. At Benefit they measure 3 point A,B and C start arch and end. This is exactly how to judge where to apply your brow product. Benefit have established this to be the most universally flattering shape for females.  

Over time my brows have improved with leaps and bounds, but having hair removed over and over has caused some  parts not to grow back. So I thought I'd talk with you about how I apply my brow product considering I have quite a difficult brow shape. As not only do I have sparse areas I have dimples at the highest point of my arch making them naturally pointy. 

My natural brows. 

The brow products I use are a MAC 266 angled brush. Benefit Browzings in the shade Dark. A brow comb and setting gel. I have tried many hard angled brushes and the MAC 266 I have found to be the very best! 

Firstly i start by brushing the brow hairs down, then starting from the underneath I draw a strait line from a to b. As my length is way off I then continue b to c and extend the line to where it naturally should end. You can work this out by taking a strait line from the edge of your nose up through your lashes. I then start to lightly fill in the front of my brow making it look as natural as possible, continuing through the thickest part of my brow. Then I join b to c making sure to keep it as strait as possible. 

Moving on to my left brow (the better brow) I repeat the same look but don't have to use as much product as this brow is a lot fuller. 

And that's pretty much the finished look of the brow!! What brow products do you love to use?? xoxo 


  1. Love following you when you produce these sort of posts! Please can you come and do my brows?! You would have a field day!!!

    1. Aw thank you sweet! I'm thinking of doing a couple more like this :) so I'm glad you liked it!! Haha I'd love to their so addictive xx

  2. What an interesting post, thanks for sharing. I hate my eyebrows because they are blonde and you can't see them without smacking on the powder.

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest posts for some inspiration too :) xx