Monday, 4 February 2013

Lush Haul :)

A cheeky little Lush haul always lifts my spirits and this one didn't disappoint!

I love the concept behind Lush retro products! Finding one off treasures or products that were once loved then discontinued is so exciting!! (Or I just think it is because I'm sad, I know!! Haha)

Well that's what this haul is basically about I was having a mooch through the retro section online and just couldn't stop myself. By the end I was left with a very full basket so I thought it might be nice to share with you all what I got ...

STARCRAFT Cleansing Lotion 'Almighty oats, sparkling honeysuckle and amaranthine lavender to calmly cleanse, soothe and beautify the skin' This works the same way as a hot cloth cleanser, I loved the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish so I'm very excited to try this!

SWEET JAPANESE GIRL Oil Solid Cleanser 'Aduki bean, lemon and juniperry oil' like a balm or serum this is to be applied after make up is removed and before moisturiser! It smells amazing and is so cute!

THE KISS Lip Gloss This isn't from the retro section but the new valentines range, it smells incredible, feels highly moisturising on the lips giving a sheer pink tint. I'm addicted already!!

SHINE SO BRIGHT Hair Balm For Split Ends Again not from the retro section but I lost my first tub. This glossy balm is perfect for keeping in my bag when my hair feels a little frazzled!

FUN Green Lush tend to throw in samples all the time and I was excited as ever to see this one! It claims to be able to be used as everything from shampoo to a bubble bar so I'll definitely give it a go.

LIPLIME Lip balm! Back to my retro purchases, this silky smooth lip balm smells delightfully zesty as limes the key ingredient. Tastes incredible whilst keeping the lips hydrated for ages!!

SNUGGLE 'Traditionally people take showers to wake themselves up in the morning and baths to calm down at night, but many of us have one or the other. So we are delighted to introduce the sleep- inducing body butter for bed time' With all lovely things such as cocoa butter, lavender oil and chamomile I'm sure this will send me right off to sleep.

CERIDWEN'S CAULDRON Bath Melt! Again this one isn't a retro product.

'The oat and wildflower mix that remains in the bag was said to have magic beautifying properties. Squeeze the bag to release the oatmilk, which cools and calms the skin. Cocoa butter and walnut oil will leave your skin fed and nourished, whilst the essential oil blend will cast a fragrant spell around you' As I have very dry skin, especially as its been so cold this is what I'm most excited to try!

So these are my goodies from Lush for this month, hope you've enjoyed the gigantic essay! Haha :)

Has any one tried any others from the retro collection? If so let me know your thoughts!! :) xxx


  1. I've tried Shine So Bright, though I used it as a treatment! It's definitely reduced a lot of split ends.
    Following your blog :)
    Do drop by when you have a moment -

  2. Awww thank you, hope you like it!!! :)

    I love it, think its perfect to just pop in your bag and carry round with you!!

    I'll take a look :) x x