Friday, 8 November 2013

YSL's Youth Liberator Serum Foundation

It's very rare that I use products that blow me away on first try. But when I first used YSL's new Youth Liberator Serum Foundation £37 I was truly impressed!! 

This foundation has started taking the beauty world by storm and I completely understand why! 

The main things I look for in a foundation are radiance and warmth, normally I opt for a lighter coverage but recently I'd decided I wanted something that gave slightly more for the winter but still left me looking natural! 
This truly is beautiful, it gives fuller coverage but it's so glowy and feels so smooth when applied! I went for the colour Beige Rose 50! Which is a pink tone that gives my skin that little bit of warmth!! For £37 it's slightly more pricey than what I'd normally spend on my foundation but I am hooked!!! It is amazing :) 

Have you tried this foundation? If you are looking for a new one I'd highly recommend!! xx

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