Friday, 10 May 2013

Putting a Spring Back in Your Step! :)

Hello lovelys :)

Today's post is about getting ready for spring and summer time! All I can think about is readying myself for my holibobs (even though it isn't until October and then I'll be thinking about Christmas) and sorting out my summer self haha.

First of all dry body brushing! I'm a big big fan of body brushing! I do it daily before hopping In the shower. I've been doing this for about 2 months now and the difference it has made is amazing! Not only is my skin so much smoother, it helps give a closer shave and has improved the skin from shaver rash afterwards. It helps the appearance of cellulite and helps the body's circulation too. You can pick body brushes up from Boots or Superdrug and they're nice and cheap. Mine is a Boots Botanics one.

Secondly, this step is one I follow all year round but in summer we expose more skin so keeping it moisturised daily is important. Popping on moisturiser after a shower is actually proven to make us feel better as well :) hehe. At the moment I'm trying to finish up products still so I've been slathering on Palmers Cocoa butter.

Third is those things we neglect all through the winter months then it gets to summer and ultimate nightmare, our feet!! (Well I do anyway) So as we had those few hot days I was ashamed of the state of my feet so pedicures are under way through out the month of May ;) Beginning with a trusty old pumas stone to help remove the tough skin from the bottom (ewwww) then lots of lotion afterwards. At the moment I'm using the Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush. It has peppermint oil in it so it smells beautiful and is really cooling :) Then trimming those toenails, checking the cuticles and picking a nice bright polish to finish them off. I mentioned in my make up items for May that I'm using O.P.I's Come To Poppy! :) which I'm loving at the moment.

Lastly I've been trying to lay off using too much heat on my hair! I'm such a heat junkie :( that I'm left with frazzled locks that are in need of a complete make over! So in conjunction with using hair oils and deep treatment masks I've been trying to sleep with my hair in platts instead of curling it to create natural waves. I always think in the summer you can get away with less polished hair so I'm embracing it as much as I can to try and save my poor fried hair.

So that's about it for my steps in preparing myself for the warmer months, hopefully we haven't seen the last of the sunshine!! If anyone has any good tips for getting ready for summer please leave them below as I'd love to read them :) xxx

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