Monday, 14 January 2013

Love for Lush

It's no secret to anyone that I am a complete Lush obsessive! Loving a large variety of products, Lush is one of my go to places whenever venturing out to shop!

Being a brand focussed on helping the environment, as I'm sure you all know Lush has a policy where if you return five of there black cosmetic pots (of any size) you can have your pick of a fresh face mask retailing at £5.99.

So when sorting through my huge cosmetic collection the other day I realised it was time to take my pots down a pick up a cheeky freebie. I'm not really one for face masks as my skins so sensitive but the Lush ones truly are delicious, they smell AMAZING! And leave my skin feeling soooo soft! The one I picked up is different to my usual oaty choice.

Catastrophe Cosmetic 'when disaster looms, Catastrophe Cosmetic calms and cleanses the skin. Blueberries rich in beneficial anti-oxidants, soothing chamomile, Irish moss and the gentle cleansing action of calamine to save the day!'

After trying so many products recently and the build up of Christmas and New Year I thought this sweet smelling pot of heaven sounded just perfect for a pick me up and a treat for my skin!

Have you tried Catastrophe Cosmetic? What are you favourite face masks?


  1. i have not tried this face mask but tried the mask of magnaminty heard so much hype about this mask but was left disappointed as this did nothing, so not tried anything else from them

  2. I've tried mask of mangaminty but cause my skin is quite sensitive I was a little hesitant about using it. But this I really loved :) But I rate Lush products really highly :) I've got a haul coming up which has a lot of Lush products in it so maybe you'll see something you might like to try! :) x