Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunday Shopping <3

One thing has become very clear since I was probably about twelve years old,I am a complete cosmetic junkie! I will happily hold my hands up! There is nothing I love more than roaming around discovering new beauty goodies.

Since I started working for Benefit cosmetics in May this obsession has grown into a complete addiction! Being surrounded by make up and other cosmetic counters all day long is just adding fuel to the fire! But I absolutely love it! :)

On Sunday I got to spend the majority of the day with my sister. Now she's moved out it's become harder for us to spend time together with work and all the other craziness going on, so planned days where we can shop and gossip are most appreciated! :)

Anyway lets get to the good stuff ...

The first shop we went into was Superdrug and this was with a purpose. I've wanted the Barry M Nail paint in 'Racing Green' ever since I got back off holiday and it had suddenly become autumn. It's the most gorgeous emerald green colour with golden flicks running through it, it will be a staple Christmas colour for my nails this year and for just £2.99.

Next I picked up the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19. I've heard such great reviews about this product that when my Boiing concealer ran out I thought it was time to give it a go. I used it this morning under my eye area, I suffer with dark circles quite badly. For the price of the product and the coverage you get I am extremely pleased, definitely can see myself repurchasing this.

Apart from Superdrug I'd only planned to go into Lush :) I have a lot of the bath stuff so I only picked up one bath ballistic and it was literally because of the scent. It's called Avobath and cost £3.20! OMG it smells sooo good! It's quite fresh smelling so I'd probably recommend using it maybe in the morning or before going out somewhere, I wouldn't necessarily say it was a before bed product.

Then I picked up It's Raining Men shower gel £4.25 :) it really does smell amazing. If you like honey and sweet smells you'll love it.

The next two products I got we're skin care items, I currently use Elizabeth Arden skin care but it's very pricey. Because I have dry and sensitive skin I have to be really careful with what I use, so I don't mind paying a little extra for good quality products. I was recommended the Eau Roma Water £3.95 and Celestial moisturiser £11.75. I used these both this morning and was really impressed with the toning water. It was so gentle on my skin and smelled lovely. The moisturiser feels amazing however did take some time to sink in, but for how rich and creamy it is it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy and has kept it hydrated all day. So I really can't complain about waiting those few extra minutes before I could apply my make up!

I picked up a pot of Shine So Bright hair balm for split ends, to keep in my bag for when my hair looks frazzled.

The last two things I got we're actually free, yes that's right FREE! The lovely lady at the till asked if I'd ever tried a lush body lotion before and I'd only used a plain vanilla one, I can't remember what it's called! And she gave me Creme Anglaise to try! The pot is HUGE! It's 225g and apparently it's being discontinued, so they're literally just giving them away haha! OMG I love it, it's all my favourite scents in one tub; coconut, Shea butter, coco butter, vanilla it's like you want to eat it! I used it after my shower this morning and it's so hydrating! I have very dry skin so I use a lot of body butters! And this one is my new favourite, I'm so sad they're discontinuing it, if you like Palmers coco butter you'll love this!
And then she gave me another bath ballistic :) it's called Party Popper I've used it before and it's lovely. Just generally a nice smelling bath bomb that turns your water a pinkish colour :)

After Lush I was walking past the body shop and had a very quick look because the one by me has had a refurb and looks all pretty. They had a sale on so I picked up my favourite shower gel, the Moringa one. It's so nice in the morning, it smells of Daisies and is lovely and gentle. I also got a new night cream to try as everything was 3 for 2, I picked the Aloe Soothing Night Cream for sensitive skin, which is normally £10 but on Sunday it had 50% off. So I also got my sister the day cream as she needed a new moisturiser. And lastly I grabbed the toner from the range to match. if you like The Body Shop I'd really recommend getting a loyalty card you get 10% off and free gifts up to £5 and £10 on your 4th and 8th spend, and also on your birthday month :) so I got some more free goodies!

Sorry this post has been such an essay I just really wanted to share with you all what I'd got! And it's turned into a massive ramble haha :)

What are some of your favourite Lush products? Have you tried any of the ones I've mentioned?

Steph :) xxxx

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