Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lauren Conrad - Beauty

I haven't been shopping very much at all throughout April but on Sunday I popped out for a little mooch, although the shops were that busy I didn't last much longer than an hour.

One thing that I actually went with the intention of purchasing was Lauren Conrad's book Beauty. I think she always looks lovely! Her make up looks stunning and her liquid liner is perfect! :)

I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon reading through the book and I was literally fully engaged! I love the fact it's made up of tips and tricks about beauty related topics and then advice on dealing with general day to day struggles such as stress, diet and anxiety!

I think it's a fantastic book if anyone just wants to refresh their make up, skin care or hair care technique's or if you're just starting out in the big world of beauty it would be the perfect starter guide!

Has any one else read the book? :) any others to recommend for me? X

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